guys my outfit tomorrow is either about to slay or stink we shall see


my blog will make you horny ;)

ily don't forget that okay you're wonderful <3333

i love you too bub x 

I've been seeing all your post about suicide and i just want to say that if you kill yourself you will be missed

i wish i wouldn’t be, because i don’t want people to deal with the aftermath if that makes sense? i dunno, but nothing’s happening anytime soon lovely. thank you for this though x

virtual high five! I'm trying to start living a healthier life in general and it's always nice to know I'm not the only one :)

yeah dude i’ve done the all-water diet thing (like cutting out all sugary drinks and stuff, not JUSt drinking water lol) and i lost a few pounds in just a little while :) so i’m gonna do that and try to exercise a bit and whatnot. i just wanna try and be as healthy as possible and possibly lose a little weight :) x

Four // Sunshine

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Rated: PG (minor flashbacks, just to be safe:)
Word Count: 2,521 (short, sawwy:(

(a/n): okay ok ayok a y so don’t hate me but here’s a chapter :-) i finally updated, i knOW but yes so this is somewhat cute i guess maybe??? i dunno. just read and tell me :) bc i’m thinking of not writing ever again.. so yeah, feedback goes here x

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updated sunshine on wattpad :-) 

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